Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beginning

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There is a possibility that change is coming.

It is a certainty that change is desired by many and that the many are gathering in cities across Canada and the United States as part of the Occupy (My Town) movement.

I want things to change too. 

But when I read a sign like this one, I worry I won't change anything enough to keep the poor from coming after me when they run out of food.  Because despite how poor I feel on almost any given day, there is no denying that I am the rich.

So being rich, and wanting change, I am going to keep track of all the ways we rich kids can make a change. Even though we feel poor, we can be change-makers.  Surely that is so.  Lord knows that we've changed this world for the not-so-good pretty thoroughly - imagine if we harnessed our power in a new direction?

Watch here for ideas and observations about what might be done.  And more importantly, post here or on facebook, what you are doing or have seen being done that makes you think change might be possible.

Because if the change is going to take, it has to take with me too.  And then you.

Occupy Here.
Occupy Me.

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